The 2021 East End Street Fest Music Lineup.

– AstroInn

Formerly known as Handsomebeast, Astro Inn has been described as a” unique musical specimen” in Houston. Their natural selection of guitar-driven funk rock has built a crowd of loyal and adoring fans. There is a bit of mystery in their melodies that leaves hardcore fans wondering if they are hearing a guitar or synthesizer, a drum machine or actual drums.

– Los Nahuatlatos

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Los Nahuatlatos is a band with deep roots to their Xicano-Indigenous heritage. Their mission is to create original, inspiring and innovative music on a conscious level that people of all ages and backgrounds. Their name derives from the body of language spoken by the various tribes of the Aztecas. It loosely means “the translators”.


– Nico

Experimenting with a variety of rhythms, melodies and lyrics without losing their essence, is what makes this band sound unique. Their live shows are always unpredictable, you can go from analyzing the lyrics of a song, to dancing to their contagious rhythms. Their purpose on stage is always to make people Think, Vibe and Dance. The East End Street Fest welcomes NICO and their jazzy kind of Latin Rock that carries clear influences from Latin Folk and Nova Trova.


– Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl

Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl is dedicated to preserving the sacred traditions left behind by our elders while sharing and exchanging cultural knowledge. Danza Azteca Taxcayolotl celebrates cultural diversity by exploring common links that bring and connect people together in a celebration of movement, art, and life. Using intricate dance steps, turns and jumps, they evoke energy. Drums, seed podshell, flutes, mandolins, and other Mesoamerican instruments unite to create a mind-expanding experience that reflects the cultural heritage of Mexico.



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