Is the East End Street Fest a paid admission event?

No. The EESF is a FREE event for the entire family. Save time at the entrance and register for FREE now »

Is East End Street Fest just a music festival?

EESF features many music artists but is also full of games, food, and entertainment for the whole family.

What time does the Festival begin?

All festivities begin at 12:00pm (noon) on Saturday, October 20.

What time does the Festival end?

The Festival will end at 10:00 PM

Can I leave the Festival grounds and come back later?

Yes. All festival goers will receive a wristband that will enable you to come and go throughout the day.

Can I bring my pet(s) to the Festival?

No animals are allowed on the fairgrounds (except registered canines for the vision impaired); anyone caught violating this rule will be asked to leave the fairground.

What is the policy on smoking/drugs/alcohol?

No alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, weapons, or any item that resembles a weapon or firearm. Laser pointers are also prohibited at all stages. Items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Violators may be removed from the festival grounds without a refund. Any illegal activity will be reported to the proper authorities. Smoking is prohibited within the festival grounds.

Can I take pictures or record video at EESF Festival?

Personal cameras and video cameras are permitted at EESF Festival. However, any professional camera equipment (including tripods, cameras with removable lenses, etc) is not. Video-taping of an entire performance is prohibited. This is agreed upon by EESF Festival and the performing artist to protect the artists’ rights. Professional equipment for the use of media coverage must be cleared in advance with EESF staff. If you are a media outlet and would like to cover the event, please contact to schedule in advance.

Where can I find a lost child?

Lost children should be taken to the Hospitality Tent.

Can I bring fireworks to the Festival?

No fireworks are permitted on the Festival fairgrounds.

Where can I dispose of my trash?

There are trashcans located all over the grounds.

Where do I go if I have lost an item?

Lost items can be picked up at the Hospitality Tent.

What should I bring to EESF Festival?

Your positive energy, money, sunglasses.

Is EESF Festival only a youth event?

No, EESF Festival is fun for all ages.

Is there a scheduled time for when the bands will be performing and the speaker will be preaching?

Yes, a schedule will be posted on the website, in the program that is handed out on the day of the Festival, and posted in various locations around the grounds.

Will there be an ATM available?

There will be ATMs available thanks to Space City Credit Union.

Can I bring my bike to the Festival?

Yes, there is an area designated for biking to use and bike racks. Bike at your own risk. EESF Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please abide by all safety rules.

Can I bring a bag/backpack to EESF Festival?

Yes. Bags will be checked at the gates.

Where can I purchase artist merchandise?

Artist merchandise can be purchased. Please see the map at the back of the program for the location.

What is the address of the Festival?

2800 Navigation Blvd between Jensen and Delano

Is there an information booth?

All information can be found at the Hospitality Tent.

Is there a map of the grounds and where activities are located?

A map of the fairgrounds and where everything is located can be found at the back of the program.

Can I volunteer for the EESF Festival?

Yes. To sign up to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer page on this website.


Can I bring my own food to the Festival?

No, you cannot bring your own food and drink, but EESF Festival reserves the right to search any and all bags brought on the grounds. Food will be available for purchase at multiple locations throughout the festival.

What times are the food booths available?

The food booths will be open from 12PM-10 PM.

Is there food available outside of the Festival grounds?

Yes, there are several throughout the community available for your convenience.


Are there bathrooms?

Yes. Port-a-john bathrooms and hand washing stations will be available to the festival attendees.

Are there handicap accessible bathrooms?

There are handicap stalls in the main facilities and also handicap accessible port-o-johns


Where do I park at the Festival?

Please check our map for directions to public parking area and volunteer vendor parking

Is there a fee for parking?

Free Parking is located at designated area. Free street parking is also available.

What times does parking open?

Parking opens at 11AM

Is there a rideshare service discount available?

Yes! Lyft is providing a 50% discount to and from the Festival. Please check HERE for details. Promo code: EASTEND18


Will there be first aid available on Festival grounds?

Yes, first aid is available near the Hospitality Tent.

What do I do if I or someone in my group has special needs?

Please let us know beforehand via email what those needs are and we will accommodate as best as we can.


If something comes up, can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds for this event.


Will there be security at EESF Festival?

Yes. We will have stage and grounds security.

Will bags be searched?

Yes, but EESF reserves the right to search bags if warranted.

Are pocketknives allowed on Festival grounds?

No, weapons are not allowed on the festival grounds.


What happens in the event of inclement weather?

EESF Festival is a rain or shine event. No refunds available.